Your work space can be the best place to directly promote your products and services!

Any type of business can benefit from MDSPlay to promote, educate and inform its crowd !

Why MDSPlay?

MDSPlay is part of MDSimulation – a studio that has been dedicated to help promote many types of businesses in the past 2 decades.
Our staff consists of marketing experts, award winning animators, rendering and VFX artists, all committed to deliver cutting-edge solutions at the highest standards.
The studio offers a wide range of creative production solutions ranging from videos combining animation, footage and post production work to anything else your production may require. Our goal is to identify your specific needs and find creative approaches to utilize them. Here at MD Simulation, we want to make sure that our clients will get nothing but the best.

When you choose to go with MDSPlay you also get all of our expertise to help make what you want on your screen customized to your needs.


  • Customizable layout
  • Insert your own messages & images
  • Insert RSS
  • Select between many live channel options
  • Dashboard for remote control
  • Our graphic services


“MDSimulation have been pioneers in video graphics and some of the best animation has come from their company.  We look forward to working with their new software and helping to make it even better for patient communication.”

Dr. Ronald E. Goldstein

“The MDSimulation graphics are truly the best of its kind I have utilized during my professional career as an academician and cardiologist. The team is easy to interact with and they really upgraded my showcase.“

Prof. Ran Kornowski

MD, FACC, FESC, Israel
“Absolutely the best and most impressive 3D-animations in the dental sector I’ve ever encountered so far!“

Dr Elmar Frank

CEO at praxis systemtechnik, Germany
“I have Met the MDSimulation Team at the early stage of the company. Since then I have always appreciated the quality, the expertise and all the Software possibilities offered by the dynamic team.“

Prof André Saadoun

DDS, MS, France



  • Live channel selection
  • Ads included



  • Live channel selection
  • No Ads!
  • Basic presentation movie for your business



  • Live channel selection
  • No Ads!
  • Full movie service by MDSimulation

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